Searching for Lunch: A Sandwich Session with Eric Nordby and Kat Olsen

Sandwich Session. Kat and Eric. August 2017.00_00_09_05.Still001.jpg

Marmoset’s trusty Music Supervisors don’t take much of a break from working wonders in pairing music to film — unless lunch is involved. Luckily, our senior Marmo fam, Eric Nordby and Kat Olsen, happened to have a panini press and a live basil plant laying around when we pulled them away from their headphones to discuss cat Instagrams, hot sauce, and Kat's band, Rilla in our latest Sandwich Session.

Learn more about this duo's favorite projects and who would win in a Jenga battle royale below, and enjoy.  

Posted on August 29, 2017 and filed under Sandwich Session.