Anchovies + “Iris”: A Sandwich Session with Dan Sheron of Balto

At Marmoset, we are continuously amazed by our artist community, made up of incredible, hardworking musicians from all over the world. Dan Sheron is one of them, constantly playing, touring, and creating music with his roots/rock band, Balto. A friend of Marmoset since 2013, we’ve gotten to know Dan pretty well over the years. But little could have prepared us for his answers on the latest Sandwich Session, which sees the singer and guitarist construct the fishiest, brine-iest sandwich we have yet to come across -- and casually nod to his connection to the ‘90s remake of Village of the Damned. Learn more about Dan, his karaoke song of choice and his favorite Balto song below.

Posted on June 16, 2017 and filed under Music, Sandwich Session.