Vintage Songs Unearthed and Made Available for Licensing

It’s true -- more music is being created today than ever before. Exciting as that may be, it’s equally important to note that whatever music was recorded in the past is getter harder to find. In fact, as time passes, more and more vintage recordings tend to get lost, forgotten and misplaced,  leaving us blind and unattached to such an important part of our history -- until now.

Seeking to curate a rare and exceptional collection of vintage recordings, Marmoset has partnered with Fervor Records -- a Phoenix, Arizona-based label committed to keeping the legacy of their artists alive and accessible for years to come. Bringing us more than 5,000 rare, vintage recordings -- including legendary artists like Waylon Jennings, The Newton Brothers, Margaret Lewis and more -- Fervor has opened new doors for turning back the clock and pushing the boundaries of music licensing for the future.

This collection includes handfuls of recordings that never found a proper release, but received high praise upon their unearthing. Songs like “Funky Nightclub” by The Soulstations, which Pitchfork deemed “a stone dance floor killer with gritty vocals, twisting horns, and clattering, sample-worthy drum break,” are easy to come by in Fervor’s rich archives.

The sound and character found in these vintage recordings has an impact on picture that can’t be recreated. From Margaret Lewis’ famed Billboard hit, “Reconsider Me,” appearing in Bates Motel to Bob Kelly’s cult classic, “Ghost Rock,” being placed in the Sundance breakout film Patti Cake$, it’s clear that the vintage revival is in full swing. We are honored to represent this breadth of influential artists for licensing in brand campaigns and help continue to honor the legacy of these influential artists.

Check out a sample of this vast collection below — featuring doo-wop classics from Roy “Boogie Boy” Perkins and bellowing, groove-infused soul from The Soul Blenders — and get lost in the timeless treasure of musical gold.

Posted on April 3, 2017 .