Happy Valentines Day from Onry Ozzborn

Not to be confused with The Prince of Darkness, Onry Ozzborn is is a Seattle-based hip-hop artist making a name for himself in his own right. Originally from Farmington, New Mexico, Onry co-founded the Seattle hip-hop collective, Oldominion, and has since released a number of collaborative albums under the names Grayskul and Norman, to name a few.

Today, Ozzborn gives us the gift of a different kind of of valentine — a dark, apocalyptic music video, celebrating the release of his upcoming album, c v p ii d. The film, + h 3 B1RTH of c v p ii d, combines Ozzborn’s reinvention of the classic mascot of love with his portrayal of the relationship between man and woman. Set to a compilation of songs from his new record (including “Contractions,” "They're There," “Bed Bugs” and “The Pits”), the video follows Ozzborn through dystopian Seattle streets, weaving vignettes of personal relationships into a broader narrative about the complexity of human nature. See the full music video below and listen to Onry Ozzborn’s full Marmoset songography here.

Posted on February 14, 2017 .