Label Spotlight: The Artists of Jansen Plateproduksjon

Since Marmoset was founded in 2010, we’ve grown from supporting local musicians to representing independent bands and artists from all over the world. Because we want artists everywhere to have the opportunity to make a living from their craft, our  A&R Team is constantly searching for rare gems hidden among the vast musical stratosphere and, once in awhile, we find a bunch all in one place. This was the case with Jansen Plateproduksjon, an indie record label based out of Oslo, Norway.  

In partnering with Jansen, we’ve recently welcomed nine exceptional artists to the roster, all with their own unique genre and flair, and we are thrilled to help share their music with the rest of the world. From the beautiful folk harmonies of Mona & Maria to Bror Forsgren’s retro-modern arrangements, each artist is as impressive and extraordinary as the last. Get to know a little more about each of them below and enjoy.

Hanne Kolstø is a prolific Norwegian artist and songwriter, releasing seven albums in the last six years. Her edgy approach to electropop and poetic Norwegian lyrics make her a choice selection for any turntable.

Songs we love: "Stein / Saks," "We Don’t See Ourselves (Instrumental)," "White Noise Static (Instrumental)


Electric Eye

Incorporating the sitar, bongos and tape echo, Electric Eye is a psych rock band with a number of worldly influences. While their instrumentation and abstract melodies borrow from the styles of the ‘60s and ‘70s, their sound is its own entity, blazing its own path in the world of music.

Songs we love: "Heavy Steps on the Desert Floor (Instrumental)," "Mercury Rise (Instrumental)," "Silent by the River (Instrumental)"


Death by Unga Bunga

Five guys, '60s influences and grunge guitar -- nothing but good vibes coming from this carefree surf rock group.  

Songs we love: "Best Friends," "Dollar Slice (Instrumental)"


Chain Wallet

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Chain Wallet’s sound calls to mind the towering mountains and rainy days that befall their hometown. Lo-fi soundscapes support melancholy vocals and drizzling synths, making for indie pop gold.

Songs we love: "Abroad," "Change of Heart," "Muted Colors (Instrumental)"


Bror Forsgren

It’s hard to believe that Bror Forsgren is a one-man show. Marcus Forsgren combines Beach Boys-inspired vocals with beautiful orchestral strings, sparkling synths and anthemic pop that builds to create a lush kaleidoscope of sound.

Songs we love: "Any Day Now," "La La Land," "Tired of the Sun"



Okay, so we only have one song (so far) by Hajk, but it is so, so good. The five piece group offers a refreshing splash of spirit into the underground dream pop scene, and their song “Magazine” will have you bobbing your head within the first ten seconds. We're looking forward to acquiring more awesome material from this band upon their February 10th album release, but in the meantime, this song should tide you over.

Song we love: "Magazine"



Jens Carelius and Arild Hammerø make up Atlanter, a smooth pairing of sultry psychedelic rock and glowing electropop.

Songs we love: "Human vs Human (Instrumental)," "Jewels of Crime (Instrumental)," "Light"


Mona & Maria

Mona & Maria combine all the beauty and elegance of a church choir with streaks of synths and classic folk. Their poetic lyrics and hypnotizing harmonies make it easy to get lost in their music and float away to simpler times.

Songs we love: "My Sun," "Healing Song," "Golden Mind"


Perry Dear and The Deerstalkers

Clearly lovers of anything and everything 1960s, Perry Dear and The Deerstalkers craft their songs with the surf-themed, bass-heavy influences of yesteryear. Each composition is a high energy, action-packed glimpse into the Golden Age of rock music.

Songs we love:  "Half Pit (Instrumental)," "LJK (Instrumental)"

Posted on January 13, 2017 .