Marmoset Artists to Watch in 2017

If we can count on anything this year, it’s the promise of new, amazing music from our artist community. From Grammy nominees to emerging artists on the rise, 2017 is shaping up to be an exciting year of touring, releases and re-releases for Marmoset artists. While there’s undoubtedly more to come, here are 17 Marmoset artists to keep on your radar in the upcoming months.

It’s pretty much impossible not to love the energetic underground pop of Norway’s newest breakout band, Hajk. Tiding us over with their addictive song, “Magazine,” the group is releasing a full length album on February 10th, and we can’t wait to get out hands on it.

The smooth, psychedelic stylings of M Ross Perkins are just what the doctor ordered to get through this year’s trying times.



A romantic, cinematic experience, Federale channels the spirit of Europe’s Golden Age of film. Specifically inspired by 1960s spaghetti westerns, the seven-piece ensemble is giving the film world a much welcomed vintage revival.


Portland’s Gabe Mouer is set to release a fresh new EP of electronic compositions in 2017. A delicate balance of orchestral and modern elements, his music feels like traveling through the best of every decade in a single song.


The Portland-based trio blew us away in 2016 with their “slow-fi” EP, klickitat. Rolling into 2017, we eagerly await more shoegaze goodness with the release of their first full-length album this spring.

Typhoon never fails to blow us away with their indie-folk masterpieces. This year, we look forward to a new album with the same big orchestral arrangements.

Producing electropop bangers rivaling the likes of Ellie Goulding and Grimes with the attitude of M.I.A, Michele Wylen is a force to be reckoned with. Born and raised in the Northwest, Wylen is a refreshing ray of light in the foggy haze of the PNW.


Small Million

Bella Loka’s unique brand of alt-pop has made it all the way from Camden Town, London to the Marmoset roster, where it quickly landed on a Canadian Starbucks branding project. Paving their way with their own take on electronic music -- combining elegant orchestral elements with glowing synth progressions -- we’re sure only great things lie ahead for the dynamic duo.


The combination of smooth, soulful vocals and airy, ethereal synths is what sets Small Million apart from other electropop duos. A new addition to the Marmoset family, we’re excited to see the different places their unique compositions will land.


Frances England

Starting out in 2016 driving for Uber in order to pay his rent and ending with a Grammy nomination for  “Best Remix Recording,” starRo has had a heck of a year. Making waves with his innovative approach to electronic music all the way from Japan, we know there’s nothing but good things ahead for this artist in 2017.



A 2017 Grammy nominee for “Best Children’s Album," Frances England’s children’s music has reached far beyond the ears of babes. England’s calming vocals and simplistic melodies make for a musical treat for all ages.

This lo-fi surf rock band will be coming out with a full-length album this spring -- just in time for lazing around on long summer days.

Coming off the re-release of her 2004 indie pop album, Mountain Rock, Dear Nora (aka Marmoset Original Producer Katy Davidson) is currently touring the West Coast to promote the album’s vinyl reissue. Her earnest lyricism seems more relative than ever and has caught the attention of music publications like Pitchfork and Fader, as well as the hearts of fans old and new.

These Hawaii natives create music as bright and sunny as their home state. Look out for more brassy horns, island drums and gorgeous harmonies on their upcoming EP.


Since retiring from his legendary tenure as “Tambourine Man” for Brian Jonestown Massacre, Joel Gion has embarked on a new kind of musical journey as a solo artist. Rooted in heavy ‘70s influence and the wisdom that can only come from being a lone wolf, Gion takes the reins on guitar, drums, bass and keys in his new project -- proving he’s much more than a tambourinist.

Piero Piccioni

Pulling inspiration from classic staples like Fleetwood Mac and composers Maurice Ravel and Debussy, Lapland is the intimate bedroom project of Los Angeles songwriter, Josh Mease.  His songs feel like melancholy meanderings, content to be suspended in the space between dreams and reality.

The author of more than 300 film soundtracks, Piero Piccioni is a prolific and legendary composer. Comprised of a vast array of cinematic arrangements and prohibition-era jazz numbers, we are honored to have part of his songography on our roster, and anxiously await the re-release of Camille 2000 on February 10th.

Posted on January 17, 2017 .