November Review: New Artist Roundup


The month of November was one of feasting, both for our taste buds and for our earbuds. The theme that seemed to surface throughout the month was one of “variety”. While the rest of us were busy chowing down on our fifth serving of pumpkin pie, our A&R team was hard at work scavenging for more artists to add to our ever-growing roster, including everything from European electro swing to moody, ambient hip hop beats. In the spirit of this, we’re excited to welcome the jazzy, RnB sound of Danii Roundtree, the spaghetti-western-meets-mariachi-meets-surfy music of Los Plantronics, and the bright electro swing of Balduin to our Marmo family.

But hang onto your hats, there’s more. This month also sees the addition of Dirty Dishes’s female-fronted, distorted fuzzy rock, the experimental ambient rap of WebsterX, and the smooth electro house of Damon Boucher. Hailing from Hungary, Omega features big hair and even bigger sound with their classic '70s psychedelic rock. Picky palate or not, this month’s roundup is sure to have something for everyone.

Posted on December 8, 2017 .