If You Like _____, You'll Probably Like _____


You scroll. And scroll. And hit “refresh”. And scroll. And sigh. And scroll some more. Finding new music has always been like the proverbial search for needles in haystacks. Somehow, the vast amount of music out there in the world seems more daunting than helpful in your everlasting quest for fresh tunes. If your Spotify/Pandora/neighbor’s deafening music has been in a bit of a slump recently, we can help. We’ve been doing this music thing for awhile, and we’ve spent our years scouring the lands far and wide to curate our vast collection of songs. Out of our roster of musical gems, we now present to you your new favorite artist.


Vampire Weekend ≤ Princeton

Miss the sound of Vampire Weekend’s debut album? Good news, LA-based band Princeton just might fill that void in your heart. Their experimentation with orchestral sounds and punctuated percussion results in a sound that’s reminiscent of Vampire Weekend à la self-titled debut album Vampire Weekend. Princeton’s brand of bright baroque pop complete with bouncy synths is infectious, much like the smile it’ll put on your face.  


Evelyn “Champagne” King ≤ Geree Gonzalez

If you love the funky heavy, soulful vibe of disco queen Evelyn “Champagne” King, you’ll want to check out Geree Gonzalez. With her 80s R&B, latin soul sound by way of East LA, Geree Gonzalez’s music is purely “feel-good” moments. Get out the roller skates, disco lights, and lots of Aqua Net hairspray.

Imagine Dragons ≤ Landmrks

If you can’t get enough of Imagine Dragons, you might want to check out Landmrks. Both Imagine Dragons and Landmrks feature dark, gritty and empowering themes in their songs. Landmrks’s trademark anthemic beats and emotionally charged lyrics come together to result in stadium-rock songs that are guaranteed to pump you up and help you tide through your day.


Lucius ≤ Hajk

Fans of Lucius, you’re in luck. Dreamy Norwegian pop-rock band Hajk’s sometimes female-fronted songs feature fun instrumentals and female vocals that will appeal to even the most die-hard fans of Lucius. Drawing inspiration from underground pop groups like Dirty Projectors and UMO, Hajk’s synth-infused pop-rock has an intimate sound touched with signature Scandinavian simplicity (say that five times fast).


Angel Olsen ≤ Cardioid

If you love Angel Olsen, you need to give Cardioid a listen. With her slightly haunting, luscious vocals and intimate lyrics Cardioid’s Lizzy Ellison has the same sort of vulnerable, raw quality in her electrofolk pop-rock songs that is infinitely appealing across all genres.


Lianne La Havas ≤ Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez’s smooth vocals will appeal to fans of Lianne La Havas. Her neo soul and R&B sound is funky, emotional, and raw, drawing in a crowd with her dynamic live performances. All we know is that it’s always a good time when we put on Raquel Rodriguez.

Posted on December 6, 2017 and filed under Music.