Artist Spotlight: Mothica


Mothica, (aka Mckenzie Ellis) doesn’t just make pop music. Her songs feature soothing vocals that are heavy on electronic sounds with catchy hooks, but you’d be hard pressed to categorize her music solely as electro pop. Mothica’s intricate layering of harmonies and synth samples seem to transcend genres, showcasing influences by everything from dubstep to Swedish pop. Self-styled as “gloom pop,” her songs often touch on her personal struggles with heartbreak, depression and relationships. The result is unapologetic in its raw honesty, yet still endlessly listenable.

Hailing from suburban Oklahoma, Mothica first dipped her toes in music by posting covers on her Youtube channel. Soon, however, she was writing her own music, inspired by incidences from her own life. Her unique sound made an impact, catching the attention of artists like Tennyson and garnering her almost a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Since then, Mothica has gone on release multiple singles and two EPs. Her latest endeavor, Heavy Heart, has received much praise and acclaim, predicting a bright future of continued momentum ahead for the young songstress. We’re incredibly excited to welcome Mothica to our Marmo family and roster.

Posted on December 13, 2017 and filed under Music.