The Marmoset Family's Sonic Thanksgiving Menu


Nothing says “Thanksgiving” quite like a table buckling under the weight of a glorious feast and the top button of your jeans undone. With the questionable honor of being the only holiday where it’s socially acceptable to start eating dinner at 2pm, it’s no small wonder that Thanksgiving has become as synonymous with food as it has with gratitude. From your Aunt Marge’s zealously guarded secret casserole recipe to the grocery store cookies you “baked", planning the Thanksgiving menu is almost an event in its own right.  

In the spirit of things, we thought we’d share the Marmoset family’s own version of a Thanksgiving menu. Carefully chosen by our very own A&R Curation Manager, Steve Schroeder, and our Music Supervisor, Madeline Dowling, our Thanksgiving menu is a sonic rather than gastronomic experience.


Steve's Pick: "Kenton" by Dr. Crosby

“I could listen to this song everyday. There's no bad time to listen to Dr. Crosby, a rad project from Buddy Ross, who collaborates with and plays keyboards for Frank Ocean. It's packed full of flavor and juiciness. Also, no Tryptophan so you won't fall asleep."

Madeline's Pick: "Purusha Futures" by Jules Blueprint

"This song has classic elements that are essential on any playlist, but it also demonstrates the ways you can spice up a classic to make it fresh. Maybe you stuff your turkey with oranges, like my mom. Or maybe you take a more dangerous approach and deep fry your bird."


Mashed Potatoes

Steve's Pick: "Don't Drive Me Deeper" by Katie Webster

"A vintage classic by the swamp blues queen. The opening organ notes of the song sound like you could just sink into them like a pile of fluffy potatoes. This world-weary song sounds familiar and comfortable, just like mashed potatoes."

Madeline's Pick: "Dead Channel" by Big Spider's Back

"Has anyone ever described mashed potatoes as ethereal to you? No? Well, that's about to change. This Thanksgiving, you're going to have a Tryptophan-fueled dream of soaring through a sky with clouds made of mashed potatoes while this hypnotic, dreamy and ethereal song punctuates the scene."


Cranberry Sauce

Steve's Pick: "Plastic" by Purple Moons

"Bouncy and jiggly just like a perfect can-shaped serving of cranberry sauce. 'Plastic' provides the perfect amount of sweet silliness and 'not sure exactly what this is, but I know I like it'-ness to make both the adult and kids tables happy."

Madeline's Pick: "Constanza" by Don Juneau

"The tones in this song are PHAT. Some might even say they are as thick and saucey as cranberry sauce."


Green Bean Casserole

Steve's Pick: "Running Through My Head" by Danielle Grubb

"Like a good green bean casserole, the supremely talented Danielle Grubb's 'Running Through My Head' has a combination of different textures and genres. Complicated and intricate percussion combined with interesting baselines and smooth vocal harmonies make it a casserole of sounds."

Madeline's Pick: "I'm Gonna Love You" by The Du-Ettes

"The casserole, a Midwestern favorite. Much like The Du-Ettes, two Chicago teens who also gained popularity in the 60s."


Pear and Quinoa Salad

Steve's Pick: "Trills" by Dead Lights

"After a big meal and playlist, we look for something healthy and simple -- minimal, even -- to cleanse our palette. Dead Light's 'Trills' is light, calm and beautiful, keeping things simple with piano and minimal textural ambiance. It's the perfect palette cleanser."

Madeline's Pick: "Melted Memories" by Ben Aqua 

"A pear and quinoa salad is a real statement dish. It's out there. It's non-traditional. It gets people talking. How do you say 'quinoa' anyways? This glitch-y, experimental masterpiece by Ben Aqua might be polarizing on your Thanksgiving playlist, but no one's going to forget it any time soon."


Pumpkin Pie

Steve's Pick: "San Andreas Fault" by The Earnest Lovers

"Down home goodness! Pete Krebs and Leslie Beia's vocals come together in perfect sweet harmony like pumpkin pie and freshly whipped cream on "San Andreas Fault." This song sounds like a recipe that might've been passed down from a grandma but is measured in beautiful imperfect "pinches" and "spoonfuls" rather than exact numbers."

Madeline's Pick: "All I Ever Wanted" by Superhighway

"This song is as versatile as pumpkin pie. It's great as a late night dance banger, or as a wake-up song to kick your day into gear. Most people think pumpkin pie is a one trick pony -- dessert and nothing more, but pumpkin is a fruit and fruit makes great breakfast and there's nothing I love more than waking up on Black Friday morning and having pumpkin pie for breakfast-- in fact, it's 'All I Ever Wanted'."

Posted on November 23, 2017 .