Marmolabs: Introducing, Collaborative Mixtapes.


Collaboration is key.

Great news, music enthusiasts -- we’ve combined the excitement of music discovery with the beauty of collaboration to develop Collaborative Mixtapes. Collaborative Mixtapes allow users (you!) to open up access to your Marmoset mixtapes and invite others to contribute.

To open up a playlist  for collaboration, click the “Make Collaborative” icon (aka the one that looks like a handshake). Once you’ve set the mixtape to “collaborative,” you can share the mixtape with users by simply sending the link to the mixtape.

When your colleague or friend clicks on the shared link, the browser will open straight to the mixtape on the Marmoset website. To add to the playlist, users must first login to their Marmoset account (if not already logged in), and then join as a “Collaborator” by clicking the “Join Mixtape” icon. Anyone who joins the mixtape will be listed as a “Collaborator” and credited for any songs they’ve added.

Once a user has joined, the mixtape will then be visible alongside their other mixtapes in the “My Mixtapes” drawer on their account. Collaborative mixtapes are identifiable by the handshake icon visible next to the name of the mixtape.

That said, users can share the mixtape with any number of people, but keep in mind that anyone who receives the link and joins as a "Collaborator" has the ability to alter the tracks, as well as share the link with others.

However, you can turn off collaboration on a mixtape the same way you turned it on. Then, only you will be able to alter the mixtape, as well as see the mixtape in your “My Mixtapes” drawer -- but everyone who has the link will still be able to view and listen to the mixtape via the link.

To show you just how great Collaborative Mixtapes can be, we’ve asked our team of Music Supervisors to create a few mixtapes for you to check out. 

Happy listening!

Posted on September 20, 2016 and filed under MarmoLabs.