Helios, Welcome to the Marmoset Family

We’re excited to welcome Helios -- and his robust library of seven albums filled with ambient, electronic tracks -- to the Marmoset family. Mixing organic instrumentation with contemporary, washed-out beats and accidental sounds, Helios creates a hazy, ethereal soundbed that is perfect for zoning out or rainy day listening. “Helios finds a really nice balance between feeling powerful yet understated,” says Emilee Booher, Marmoset Music Supervisor. “The combination of organic and electronic textures creates a modern but extremely tactile experience that’s immersive, dreamlike and almost other-worldly. There’s a lot of space and atmosphere in the pieces, which makes them especially complementary for film.” By combining clear guitar, simple piano melodies and straightforward percussion with distant synth sounds, Helios has crafted a brand of electronic music that is his very own.

His work has appeared in indie films and advertisements alike, including a spot in the trailer for Revolutionary Road and Tree Top’s first commercial in 30 years. Even occasionally inspiring original films based on his tracks, Helios has already made his mark in the film world, and we’re honored to represent Helios’ effervescent, unique compositions and his vast catalog of music. 

Posted on September 14, 2016 and filed under Music.