Marmoset Strikes Gold(band): Introducing Our Vintage Catalog

In 1942, Eddie Shuler moved to Lake Charles, Louisiana to work in an oil refinery.  In the swamps of Louisiana, Shuler uncovered much more than he bargained for, using his musical chops to join the Hackberry Ramblers as a guitar player before later starting his own band, the All-Star Reveliers. Eventually, The Reveliers needed a way to record and share their music, and thus, Goldband Records was born.

From recording Dolly Parton’s first song, “Puppy Love,” to acquiring a wide range of artists including Freddy Fender, Cookie and the Cupcakes, and Katie Webster, Goldband grew to become a rich melting pot of zydeco, swamp-pop, blues, R&B and rockabilly –-  and is to this day the longest-standing independent record label in the world. Seventy years later, in the midst of a vintage music revival, we’re thrilled to have landed some of Goldband’s treasures right here in our library, serving as the foundation for our newly-announced Vintage Catalog.

The selection of vintage tracks features a number of artists from the 1940s – 1970s, and covers a variety of genres including swing, blues, R&B, and good old rock ‘n’ roll. Starting with artists of Goldband, here are some of our favorite new-additions from yesteryear. Listen below and enjoy.

Posted on October 19, 2016 and filed under Music.