Don't Sweat It: Secret Flips the Script

Our friends at Secret are encouraging women to flip the script on stereotypical gender norms, while promising to keep their pits dry in the process. Their advertisements have affected women around the globe far beyond influencing their sweat-shield of choice, with each spot garnering millions of views on YouTube. Set to soundtracks crafted by Marmoset’s Original Music Team, we were happy to aid in Secret’s efforts of empowering women, one sweetly-scented deodorant stick at a time.

A woman shocks her confused boyfriend by proposing via fortune cookie, and presents the ring accompanied by confident guitar strums and drums, awaiting what we hope is a positive response.

Pummeling, suspenseful percussion guides a determined young woman on her way to ask her boss for a raise -- after pitching a couple test runs to the bathroom mirror.

This spot humorously explores the dreaded three dots that appear after sending the risky, first “I love you” text message to a new flame, set to an intense soundtrack of impending doom...or not.

Posted on September 26, 2016 and filed under Shared Work.