MarmoLabs: New Search Filters and Browse Updates


Browse like everyone's watching. 

We’re all about bringing the most seamless music search possible to you. With the addition of the Multiple Track Version browsing, Male/Female Vocals filter, and vintage and dance genres, finding the perfect song for your story never looked so good. 


New Tags, New Tunes. 

In the last few months, we’ve added more than 250 new artists to our roster of now 20,000+ tracks. That said, with new music comes a need for more specific genres, so we’ve now added vintage and dance tags to the mix. 

The search for vocals is on. 

We’ve made the search for vocals a bit more refined with the addition of the Male/Female Vocals filter. This filter allows you to search by all vocals, only male or only female vocals, or a combination of both. Meaning that if both the male and female search filters are selected, the search platform will only feed you tracks that have have a harmony of both. 

All the versions. All in one place. 

Most of our tracks come with multiple versions, and in the past, each version of a track was sorted individually. But now, with Multiple Track Versions we've made it so you can access all the versions in the selected track window.

The indicator,  in the form of the "pill," highlights tracks with varying remixes, instruments, lengths and sounds. When a user clicks on the “pill,” the alternate versions will expand, allowing the user to see and take individual action on each track. 

As you apply and remove filters on the Browse Page, the track versions that do not meet the selected parameters will be removed from the grouped versions of the individual track. For example, if you've selected that you need an instrumental track between 0:00 and 1:00 minute in length, the results will be reflected in the presented group of alternate versions. That said, the "Alternative Versions" link at the bottom of each grouping will indicate the total versions available for the selected track, regardless of filtering. 

If you'd like to view all the versions, simply click the "Alternative Versions" link at the bottom of a group, and you'll be directed to a new page that lists all versions of the selected track. Happy listening! 

Posted on October 21, 2016 and filed under MarmoLabs.