Stunning Scores from 2016

As a company that specializes in pairing music and picture, we occasionally geek out hard over incredible film scores. And by occasionally, we mean quite often. In the second half of 2016 alone, we heard scores that inspired, impressed and took our breath away. While we eagerly await what magic the new year brings, we wanted to take a minute to look back on a few of the most spellbinding soundtracks of 2016.

Moonlight // Nicholas Britell

The most highly awarded film of 2016 thus far, Moonlight’s soundtrack is as breathtaking as the film it accompanies. Composer Nicholas Britell masterfully melds classical compositions with distorted and reworked hip-hop tracks, beautifully juxtaposing the main character’s inner thoughts and feelings with his surroundings. A sobering, orchestral theme follows the film’s main character, Chiron, throughout his journey from childhood into adulthood, embodying the pain and repression that characterizes his life.



Jackie // Mica Levi

Shadowing a grieving Jackie Kennedy in the days after John F. Kennedy’s death, Mica Levi’s score for the film is appropriately and beautifully haunting. Using mostly cello, violin and piano, the songwriter and classically trained composer perfectly embodies the weight of grief and the tumult that comes in the wake of death. While Jackie is only Levi’s second film score, it is an artful testament to her versatility and competence as an artist and composer.


La La Land // Justin Hurwitz

Broadway meets cabaret in this whimsical, jazzy score by Justin Hurwitz. A modern spin on the classic musicals of the past, La La Land charms its way through glimmering dance numbers, cutesy duets and heart-wrenching ballads. Background music seamlessly integrates with grandiose musical acts, convincing the viewer that a dance party in the middle of a crowded Los Angeles freeway is not all that unrealistic. All in all, the film and score served as a much needed bright light in 2016                                             

Manchester By the Sea // Lesley Barber

Characterized by grieving and growth, Lesley Barber's score for Manchester By the Sea is eerily gorgeous. Full of orchestral strings and elegant choral melodies, the soundtrack ebbs and flows between pain, loss and hope. Gracefully floating like a light fog over the ocean, this original score serves as the perfect narrator for a complex and vulnerable story.   

Posted on January 3, 2017 .