Marmo Hip-Hop Opens Doors for Storytellers

As more and more artists discover licensing as an integral piece to making a living from their music, the diversity of genres in our library continues to grow. In addition to aiding our mission of supporting independent artists, this influx of music opens new doors for filmmakers to tell their stories.

One genre that has expanded considerably in the past year in our catalog is hip-hop. Ranging from Sprite to Adidas, some of the biggest brands have used hip-hop artists from the Marmoset roster to tell stories of change, equality and adventure.

Aside from being a great complement to picture, our hip-hop tracks stand on their own. In an effort to create the perfect mix for freestyling, vibing out and anything in between, our A&R team has compiled a list featuring a few standout tracks from artists on the Marmoset roster. From the smooth ambience of Drae Slapz’s “Magic” to the futuristic synth vibes in “Wired" by Onry Ozzborn and the high energy, organic textures of “Exile Dial Tone” by Beautiful Eulogy, these hand-picked instrumentals represent sounds coming from neighborhoods all over the world. Spanning the relaxed West Coast vibes of California and the organic textures of the Northwest, the tracks also cover Atlanta-rooted trap sounds and UK-influenced boom-bap reminiscent of the Golden Era. Enjoy.

Posted on November 17, 2016 and filed under Music.