Original Music Team Scores Portland Timbers’ Highlights Feature

“It’s not about defending a trophy. It’s about battling for the next.” - The Portland Timbers

We were honored to partner with Portland’s favorite sports team, the Timbers, to create an emotional highlight of the team’s obstacle-laden season and its resolve to return to the top.

The short film showcases the Timbers’ dedication to reclaiming the MLS cup, despite this season’s setbacks. Produced by our Original Music Team, the track is a driving force to the narrative -- featuring a stark guitar melody, light synth textures and massive, pummeling drums that all climb in a determined, triumphant ascent. The video sets the stage with the team’s championship victory last year, following with this season’s trials and tribulations and ending with the hope of victory. We’ll see you out there in the Timbers Army -- until then, check out the video below, and enjoy.

Posted on August 30, 2016 and filed under Shared Work.