Preparing for Pickathon -- Packing Tips from Marmo Staff

Photo courtesy of Pickathon

Photo courtesy of Pickathon

Sweet words of Pickathon wisdom. 

With Pickathon right around the corner, you've probably already begun to think about what you plan to pack for this magical weekend endeavor. But in case this is your first time, we've asked a few of our veteran Pickathon-ners for any tips and tricks to keep top of mind while preparing for this music festival. Here's what they've suggested.

Ryan Wines, Co-Founder + CEO + Executive Producer & Brian Hall, Co-Founder, Composer

RW: It's August. So it's hot. You'll need sunscreen, and more importantly, you'll want a misting fan. 

BH: More importantly, something to carry water. Lots of water. 

RW: Comfortable shoes or sandals are necessary. 

RW: Showers are far and few between -- baby wipes.

RW: A blanket -- there's nothing better than chilling in the sun listening to good music. Plus, you can use it to save seats. 

BH: Sunscreen. There's spots to chill in the shade, but expect to be in the sun for good amount of time. 

RW: If you're camping in the trees, a hammock is recommended. 

RW: Let's be honest, you'll want pot. 


Brandon Day, New Music Scout + Artist & Repertoire Manager

Drink water. Lots of water. It's hot and dusty.

Make an effort to see bands you've never heard of before. Each year, I come home with a new favorite band. Seriously -- the booking at this festival is pretty much second to none. 

Eat at as many carts as you can. The food there comes from local vendors AND the prices are reasonable for a festival. 

The Galaxy Barn is hands down the most intimate stage at the festival. If you have any "must sees" at that stage, be sure to get there plenty early to avoid a crowd and the line to get in.

You'll notice that this is a zero waste festival, which means you "rent" plates and sporks in place of a token. Once you're done eating, exchange the dirty dishes for your token and the cycle continues. Don't forget -- when you're leaving the festival, be sure to exchange that token one last time for a clean Pickathon plate and wooden spork to take home as a keepsake. 

Walk through the trails at night.  The hosts of the festival have done a great job of illuminating these pathways, which weave throughout the woods like a maze. However, use caution if you've drank too much moon-juice or had a bit too much hippy grass.


Alex Fitch, A&R Catalog Coordinator + New Music Scout

Bring a BIG water container to avoid making any long treks to fill up at the water filling stations.  It sucks to wake up drunk  and thirsty in the middle of the night and not have water. 

Necessary: Headlamps, lanterns or flashlights with extra batteries. You're in the woods, so it's dark. Real dark. 

Do you like your festival beauty rest? Great, me too. Don't forget ear plugs and melatonin. PRO TIP -- Wrap a shirt around your eyes to keep out that early morning sun.

No one wants to be around the dude who smells. Since there's not an easy shower option, I'd suggest bringing cedar oil -- it'll keep you feeling and smelling fresh throughout the weekend.





Victoria Semarjian, Senior Project Manager + Operations Team Lead

It's mighty filthy out there. Like, the dirtiest I've ever been... they've built showers (that I believe cost $5 to use). I highly encourage it. If not, wipes are an essential.

The weather is very dry and very hot. I'd recommend loose, light clothing, hats and layers for the evenings. 

Good shoes. There's a lot of walking.

If you plan on using your phone, bring an external battery. There are charging stations, but they cost money and are often full. 

A few more... bug repellent, sun screen, travel toothpaste, hand sanitizer.



Pickathon takes place this year August 5th through the 7th at the Pendarvis Farm in Happy Valley, Oregon. For all those who cannot attend this year's event, we'll be broadcasting a live stream of Saturday's performances on the journal. For more information and the live stream schedule, visit

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