Shared Work: "The Bodega" – A 360° Music Video

Photo by Ryan Garber

Photo by Ryan Garber

Storytelling through virtual reality. 

Our recent collaboration with ad agency, Instrument, brings storytelling through virtual reality to life with their recent project "The Bodega" – a 360° music video. Under the direction of A/V Director, Truen Pence, Instrument's team challenged themselves to build, shoot and produce a video in virtual reality with only a small budget and a week of production time – all in the name of creativity and innovation. 

With the experimental nature of the project in mind, Marmoset Catalog Curation Manager, Steve Schroeder, worked with the team at Instrument to find a song that is not only upbeat, but made viewers want to get out of their chair and move. After some consideration, "Fire" by Grace Love & the True Loves was decided to be the perfect song to do the trick. "From the classic, gritty guitar line to the proud horn blasts, each chorus draws an outline of the dance floor within the track," commented Schroeder. "Grace’s self-possessed soulful growl dares the listener to move, dance and find their own internal “Fire” – solidifying this track as the perfect compliment to a 360° dance video captured in a convenience store." Witness for yourself the innovative levels that can be reached when creatives put their minds together and think beyond what is expected. 

Read more from Instrument about the production process of "The Bodega," here

Posted on June 29, 2016 and filed under Shared Work.