Marmo Fans, Meet Marmolabs.


Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to welcome new search filters to the block. 

Back in the day, when you'd search our catalog using the home page search bar, any term you wanted to search would be ran through our entire catalog (which, if you haven’t noticed, is a lot of music). So we’ve made an effort to make this process a bit easier for you by adding a filter to the search bar on both the home and browse pages. The Search Bar Filter allows you to refine your searches by Songs, Artists, Lyrics or All

If, however, you’d prefer to search the entire catalog, that’s still possible. The All filter will still search everything, which has the same functionality as the old search bar. 

Licensers, life just got a little easier with the Broadcast License Form.  

We’ve always had broadcast licenses – it’s actually our bread and butter – but now we’ve made it easier for you to find, with the Broadcast License Form. Featuring all the unique terms required for broadcast, we’ve made submitting a license request easier for you, and faster for our music supervisors to get the information they need and turnaround the license. You can find the Broadcast License Form at the bottom of the licensing drawer (under the Custom License Form). 

We’ve always had arc, and now we have waveform. 

Unlike the Arc, which describes how the track evolves dynamically as a whole, the Waveform Visualizer allows you to see the different sections of an individual track – not necessarily its arc or energy. A track’s waveform will be visible on the track page, as well as on the play bar at the bottom of the page.  

Don’t ever miss a beat -- Adjust the volume of a song directly on the Marmoset app. 

The Volume Slider is located on the play bar to the left of the artist profile photo (hint, hint it’s purple). To adjust the volume, all you need to do is move the horizontal line up toward the dark purple for high volume and down toward the light (almost white) purple for low volume. 

Like a song? Don’t forget it.

You can now save your favorite songs with Star Tracks. Regardless of the project, Star Tracks allows you to save all your favorite songs. Once your songs have been starred, you can access all saved songs by navigating to the profile buttons located on the upper right side of your browser. Happy listening. 

Posted on June 21, 2016 and filed under MarmoLabs.