The Winners of the #MarmoFilmContest Are...

We're pleased to announce the two winners of our #MarmoFilmContest. It was a really tough call.

Over the last few days, we asked filmmakers to create 15 second films and stories and share them on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win a ticket to WistiaFest 2016. The results were pretty amazing (search #MarmoFilmContest to see for yourself). From dreamlike imagery of the beach, to jaw-dropping footage of skydiving, we had the chance to witness 15 captivating seconds from people's lives. After much deliberation, we picked the two films that made us loop them over and over and over and over and...

Winner #1: Jonathan Lange

We loved "Smith Rock" by outdoor filmmaker, Jonathan Lange. The epic electronic soundtrack fit perfectly with the exciting venture out into the wilderness through unique stop motion footage. This 15 second climbing expedition demanded multiple views.

Winner #2: Tone Evans

Alright, this one just blew us away. Filmmaker, Tone Evans managed not only to create a story in 15 seconds, but a story that scared the sh** out of us. The minimal use of music created an indefeasible tension and combined compelling sound and visual ingredients together to create a compelling story.

Thank you all for contributing your stories and sharing 15 seconds of your lives with us. We're honored to bear witness to them.

For those of you interested in attending WistiaFest, we also wanted to offer a discount on tickets. The first 25 people to use the promo code MarmosetFriend will receive $100 discount on the current ticket price. See you there!

Posted on April 5, 2016 and filed under Filmmaking.