How Can Music Help With A Comedic Film?

It's all in the timing.

Experiencing something for the first time can be a literal life-changing moment. Our friends at provide a hilarious collection of one of these moments, documenting kids as they try to dress themselves for the first time.

Using the electro-pop track, "Zeta!" by Marmoset band, Ramova, there's an adventurous and epic edge to this film. Music Supervisors, Kat Olsen and Emilee Booher shared their thoughts on how the soundtrack paired well with the film using well-edited timing to bolster the comedic effect. Enjoy the film and their thoughts below.

Emilee Booher: "The soundtrack is fun, loud and provides a youthful feel of adventure that caters well to this video. The moments of silence in between really brings the humor home."

Kat Olsen: "It works on a comical level because it has the runway flair. If they put in cute kid music in this it wouldn't work as well -- but because there's a high fashion track, it pairs really well with the comedy of these kids trying fashion."

It's safe to say that our friends and collaborators, have taken the Internet by storm with their viral films. Often using humor as a tool to tell a compelling story, there's always a deeper human meaning underneath. We highly recommend their other work and checking out our interview with one of their filmmakers, Mike Gaston.

Posted on April 29, 2016 and filed under Filmmaking.