Download Our "Rise And Shine" Children's Mixtape

Photo by Carleton Photography

Photo by Carleton Photography

Guest DJ: Chris Ballew, Marmoset Artist

Row, Row, Row, Rebooted.

Children's music doesn't have to be cheesy. Like any good pop song, music for kids can speak to the youthful parts of our adult hearts as well. We've curated some choice tracks from our featured artist, Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants) in our "Rise and Shine" mixtape. Read our interview with Ballew here.

We handpicked ten tracks from Chris' vast discography. Through his creative perspective, Ballew has revised and modernized old familiar classics like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and composed originals of his own. Each song packs a catchy pop hook that will make you want to sing heartfelt harmonies to "Fuzzy Wuzzy" while blasting it in the car. Enjoy.