Interview with Marmoset band, Midnight Pilot

Fall in love with Midnight Pilots' alt-country in just three videos. Watch below.

In support of their recent self-titled release, Midnight Pilot premiered three intimate and beautiful studio performances. Normally guided by electric guitar, each video showcases their dense, confident acoustic arrangements that echo the likes of Wilco and Bonnie Prince Billy. Lush acoustic textures, coated with clear and transparent vocals help fuel the four pieces' stories of love both won and lost.

We caught up with the Nashville band and chatted about their songwriting process and what inspired them to release these acoustically-driven music videos. Enjoy.

M: Who are you and what do you do in the world?

MP: We are Midnight Pilot from Nashville, Tennessee. Midnight Pilot is an Americana/Rock band that has been playing music together for a long time. Playing music is truly a passion for us and we do it just because we love it. Our goal is for that passion to come through in our music.

M: What's the best advice you've ever received in becoming a musician? Why?

MP: Never stop playing. Just keep trying and keep trying. Don’t let discouragement or high expectations stop you from making music together. Just do it because you love it.

M:  How did you get into music? 

MP: We started playing music together in Holland, Michigan when we were in middle school. All of our parents were musical, and Kyle and Kris's dad in particular was a music teacher, so I think that is where our original inspiration came from. We all started taking lessons and playing music on our own to start. After a while, Grant came up with a few original song ideas and so we got together in a gym and practiced our own music for the first time ever. It was an incredible experience that we will never forget. That feeling of creating music together has inspired and challenged us to keep growing throughout the years.

M: What inspired you to shoot music videos acoustically?

MP: We knew that we wanted to record some videos that were truly “live". A very talented friend of ours from back in Michigan, Ben Lemmen, also wanted to create some videos that were shot live in a house. We had seen some videos kind of like it from some of our favorite artists. Grant, our lead singer, lived in a sweet house at the time that we thought would work great for it. It’s such a vibe-y room for that kind of thing. Since our records are very full band and big, we thought it would be fun to create “alternate” versions of the songs by playing them a little more stripped back. What we ended up with is some sort of acoustic/electric hybrid that we think works very well.

M: What's your favorite part of making music videos?

MP: The challenge of actually recording what we are playing live and using that as the audio is the fun thing for us. It challenges us to make sure we are playing these songs as good as we can be, because mistakes are going to be heard! Videos are such an amazing way to get music out there nowadays. The more content we can create for YouTube, the better.

M: Did you run into any challenges while shooting these music videos?

MP: Time was a big issue – There were a bunch of other people helping us for this (audio, camera guys, people in the choir, string players, etc.) we had to do all six videos in ONE day. We had to balance getting the right take with not taking too much time on one particular song. So, we started setting up at like 9 or 10 in the morning and finished everything at midnight. Nashville is such an incredible place for getting people who are creatively SO talented, and so we were lucky to be able to grab some amazing string players and audio/video guys. Involving other people that are so talented at what they do helped us eliminate the worry of getting poor takes from them. They were all amazing.

M: What's coming up for Midnight Pilot?

MP: This year is going to be a little different for us. We plan on making A LOT of music in the form of multiple EP’s. Each EP is going to be very different stylistically from the previous one. We are already finished with the first EP, and have begun work on the second one. Besides all the music we are creating, we are going on a tour of the Midwest in August that we are pumped about. We will see from there!

Posted on March 25, 2016 and filed under Music.