Artist Spotlight: Adi Goldstein

We interviewed Marmoset Artist, Adi Goldstein to get a glimpse inside his life as a composer and his genre-bending work for film, TV and everything that falls in between. The Israeli-based Goldstein crafts uniquely beautiful instrumental arrangements that were meant for film. While reading this interview, we highly recommend playing his music as the soundtrack. Listen to his Songography here. Enjoy.

M: Who are you and what do you do in the world?

AG: My Name Is Adi Goldstein and I was born in Israel, in 1978, in a town near Tel Aviv. I am the fourth generation in a family of musicians. I started my musical education at the age of four, studying piano with my grandmother. At the age of eight I went on to study jazz, harmony and theory and popular music. By the age of 14 I was studying composition and bass guitar while studying computer science and electronics at high school. During my time in high school I started playing in jazz ensembles and rock bands and this led to meeting up with a prominent Israeli producer who introduced me to the Israeli music scene. Since then I have played, composed, produced and arranged many of Israel's top artists and musicians. Collaborating with a variety of musicians opened up my ears to playing a wide range of music styles, from Brazilian, Latin and Reggae to Folk, World music and much more. Through the years I continued working with Israeli artists and also ventured into writing scores and source music to film, TV and advertising campaigns, both locally and internationally. In addition, I have been working as an arranger and session player for TV music shows (in the style of “American Idol”) and composing for the leading music libraries around the world.

M: What was the first instrument you picked up?

AG: Naturally because my mother is a piano teacher, the first instrument I saw was our black big grand piano which I still love the most.

M: How did you get into composing?

AG: I remember that I had this strange and weird habit as a kid -- I used to watch every movie 3 times. The first time was seeing the movie in the normal way, the second was to pay attention and listen only to the music, and the third was to turn off the volume and compose my music along the movie and make my own soundtrack. This process helped me a lot  and taught me how to get the right music emotions from a really early age.

M: What does a day in the life of a working musician look like for you?

AG: It's obvious that to be a musician means that your life has no routine -- late night concerts, gigs, hours of rehearsals and practicing -- but with that said, I really try hard to keep on a steady schedule  and hard routine of practicing, performing, doing a variety of recording sessions and composing every day.

In the past few years, my main goal almost every day is to compose one track -- or at least try hard to come up with some good sketch of something that eventually will turn out to be a complete track one day.

M: What’s it like working internationally with a company located in the states?

AG: Working with a company located in the states is really amazing for me. It just emphasizes the new age we are living in and the fact that it doesn't really matter where are you located. Nowadays the musical projects and opportunities are becoming more and more globally common, and it's easier than ever to reach and expand connections. I can admit that it drives me to try and explore new musical areas I have never tried before.

M: Where do you find your inspiration?

AG: For this one I must give a little bit credit to my homeland -- Israel is definitely one of the places that naturally gives you tons of inspirational moods and muses. Here, you can find a lot of diverse and complicated situations that drive you to create. Beyond that, of course I derive inspiration from my personal life, which includes my beautiful and amazing wife.

M: When do you know that a track is completed?

AG: I really need to feel some emotional feelings or some excitement with every track I compose, so I guess that the moment I know the track is completed is the moment I can hear exactly what I've imagined in my mind.

M: What is your favorite city to visit?

AG: I really love the music and the beautiful landscapes that comes from the country Ireland, so my choice will probably be Dublin.

M: What's coming up for you?

AG: I hope to continue writing and composing music for films, TV, games and stock music libraries, which I love to make.


Posted on March 11, 2016 and filed under Music.