Working With Available Light: Follow Marmoset artist, The Earth and Arrow in a beautiful short documentary

Friend and filmmaker, Matt Mahoney, just released a beautiful snapshot of an artist's path in this new vignette about Marmoset artist, Rob Casmay (aka The Earth and Arrow). Follow along his thought process of why and who he creates music for.

"If you like something, you should try to learn as much as you can about it." — This is a guiding philosophy of Rob's and he's carried it with him throughout his musical career, from high school bands to his home studio. It's all about exploration for Casmay as he found little inspiration from music classes -- he just jumped in and figured it out along the way.

Now successfully reaching a point of being a full-time composer, Casmay reflects on how he got to this point and how he continues to explore in his soundtrack work, taking each project as a unique opportunity and challenge. Witness Rob's story below. Enjoy.

Filmmaker, Matt Mahoney, had some words when he shared his work. "His [Rob Casmay's] story is probably common in musician circles, yet it is so uniquely his in the way he approaches it and talks about it, I felt it was a story worth telling. We shot this quickly, with no money, and available light." Be on the lookout for more Marmoset artist profiles to come from this amazing storyteller. Listen to the music of The Earth and Arrow here.