3 Films to Inspire Your New Year

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A new year, a new canvas.

2015 was a wonderful year full of amazing work and creative energy. Now with the year in our rear view window, we now look ahead and see all of the incredible work to come and are excited to collaborate with you along the process. We've compiled three recent films to help kick off 2016 with some momentum. Enjoy.

1. Pegasus by Robert Williams

This film proves that good things take time. Inspired by Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the footage was shot on old Super-8 film when the director (15 at the time) made an epic space travel story with all handmade props. Aside from the papier-mâché moon, all switches and electronics were crafted by the young filmmaker. Now 41 years later, the film is finally finished making for an impressive marvel of patience and passion. The soundtrack "Awareness" by Lee Brooks paired perfectly with the imaginative and exploratory scenery.

2. El Chino by Max Esposito

The new documentary from our friend and filmmaker, Max Esposito captures what it looks like to break off on a different path. Jon "El Chino" Wong would be next in line to take over his family's business Sun Sun Co., the oldest grocery store in Boston's Chinatown. After years of hard labor, he decided to break off and pursue his passion in surfboard shaping. However, once illness hits his family, he has to forge a path of where he wants to take his life. Watch the compelling trailer below.

3. Running With Ben Logan by Bel Jones

This short musically-driven film explores how simple actions can create powerful results. Ben Logan is a professional athlete living with epilepsy and founder of the Epilepsy Collective along with filmmaker, Bel Jones. Through filmmaking, photography and being both athletes themselves, they strive to create more awareness and support for people living with epilepsy to achieve their goals to live fulfilled lives.

Posted on January 4, 2016 and filed under Filmmaking.