The New Trailer From Foster Visuals Says A Lot In 15 Seconds

When it comes to creating a compelling trailer, there's little time to draw people into your story. The folks at Foster Visuals have done just that in their new teaser for their upcoming film of their Legacy Project -- a series of films documenting extraordinary lives and the communities they impact.

Complete with beautiful, panoramic imagery and the ethereal song "World We Used To Know" by Soil and the Sun, there's a dreamlike atmosphere in this piece that presents a strong mood, leaving the audience wanting to know more.

Set to release the full film next week on Wednesday, September 16, this documentary portrays the life of Ed Nicholson, founder of Project Healing Waters -- a nonprofit to help veterans find therapy through fly fishing. Read our interview with Brent Foster of Foster Visuals about The Legacy Project.

Posted on September 10, 2015 and filed under Filmmaking.