Soundtrack For Seven: How We Scored the 7 Bikes For 7 Wonders Campaign

In celebration of the wondrous 7 Wonders of Oregon, our creative licensing team paired up with Travel Oregon and Wieden+Kennedy on an inspiring project. They asked seven bike builders to create a bike that encapsulates the essence of each of the wonders. Once they crafted the bike, they hid it for someone to find and share their experiences in our beautiful state in a new way.

Now approaching the tail end of summer, we look back on all the amazing stories about how the natural environment inspired the making of each bike. Each story is not just about the bikes and the locations, these are portraits of the interchangeable human relationship we have with nature. And as each bike had to capture the spirit of the landscape, the music had to do the same. Enjoy.

1. Mt. Hood

This mountain has now become a quintessential icon for us, and to pay homage, we honed in on the serenity that this place brings as we follow the story of Fred Cuthbert from Wolfhound Cycles process of making the bike. Minimally-driven soundtrack is "Long Train Home" by The Earth and Arrow and "Big Sleep" by 1939 Ensemble.

2. Smith Rock

This beautiful area breaks the mold on the typical view of how people view Oregon. With tall ridges and rock walls, creating a stoic landscape filled with hidden treasures along every pathway. Wade Beauchamp of Vulture Cycles built the bike and we scored his story with the playful scoring of "Parado" by The Heavy Eyes and "Get On Your Feet" by Shaky Faces.

3. Painted Hills

The Painted Hills holds a rugged beauty like no other place on the planet, and it's because of it's rich and natural tones. Stripes of vivid colors literally "paint" the landscape. Christopher Igleheart of Igleheart's Custom Frames and Forks tells his story, we followed suit with an exploratory soundtrack of Marmoset Originals "Among the Pines" and "Above the Sound."

4. Columbia River Gorge

This area is all about stark contrast. Bordering the crystal blue Columbia River are beautiful multi-colored mountain ranges. The Columbia River Gorge looks like a tapestry of bright, yet rustic colors -- a gorgeous duality. Ben Farver of Argonaut Cycles speaks about his relationship with this place, and how it affects his craft. The ever-building and epic soundtrack is "Spooked" by Big Spider's Back, "New York" by Kevin Matley and "The Future is Cold" by More Like Georgia.

5. The Oregon Coast

There's nothing like feeling the sand beneath your feet and gazing into the ethereal and mysterious scenery of the Oregon Coast. The waters carry a hazy mood while monolithic rocks jut out of the deep blue waters. The Pacific is cold to the touch, but one of the most amazing things to sit and observe. We kept things chill in our scoring of Joseph Alhearne of Alhearne Cycles' love affair with the area. Upbeat and driven soundtrack is "Cozy" by Donny Carma and "Redemption" by Carinthia.

6. Crater Lake

There's a special, unmatched blue that only comes with Crater Lake, its' colors are deeply resonant and cuts straight to your soul with just a view. Mike DeSalvo of DeSalvo Custom Cycles conveys his admiration for the lake and he created a bike as an ode to the area. Grandiose soundtrack is "Skylight" by The Earth and Arrow and "Open Room" by Tomo Nakayama.

7. The Wallowas

To look at the Wallowas is to look at a vibrant living history. Nestled in the eastern part of the state, the landscape echoes the days of the Old West with it's wide open spaces and jagged snow-capped peaks. Ira Ryan and Tony Periera of Breadwinner Cycles pay homage to the area with their creation -- we follow the story with a pensive and reflective soundtrack of "The Lighthouse & the Hourglass" by Musée Mécanique.

Where is a place that inspires you? Share your recent work with us at We'll feature our favorites on the journal next week.

Posted on September 1, 2015 and filed under Shared Work.