Music With Heart: Download Our "Inspirational Journeys" Mixtape

Photo by Jesse Morrow

Photo by Jesse Morrow

Guest DJs: Ian Pratt & Colin Cabalka of Dwightly

We just released our new Inspirational Journeys Mixtape, featuring ten tracks that ascend with excitement and positivity without getting campy. This is music with heart.

Music has the ability to channel emotions that are sometimes so hard to convey with just words. When you pair music to picture, it can elevate a scene and distill a mood to make the imagery move with more dynamics. This mixtape was inspired by our friends at Dwightly who document inspiring, human stories around the world and use music as a powerful tool to help tell their stories. Read our Field Notes interview with Ian Pratt & Colin Cabalka here.


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Posted on September 23, 2015 and filed under Music.