Matching Genre To Subject Matter: How Finding The Right Soundtrack Can Mean Everything

Ever heard of Canada, Kansas? Neither did we until we saw the new film from Q Media Solutions director, Graeme Mathieson for New Balance. He and his crew came into the town to begin documenting the area and its population of 22 residents -- what resulted was this awesome piece of work.

Every project brings different challenges, and this time, the obstacle for Mathieson was to find the right soundtrack for the subject of the film. For this piece, there was a delicate balance of using music to give a sense of small-town life and as Graeme stated, "not falling into the trap of poking fun or characterizing [the town] with some typical country-bumpkin music."

Graeme's search continued and finally he came across the song "Refusal Bop" by the band 1, 2, 3: a track that has elements of country twang, but more with a modern take, and for Graeme, this made for a perfect soundtrack by saying that it "sounded current, while still connecting with the tone of our piece: down-home, folky, fun."

Finding the right music for your film can be a daunting task, but when you find the perfect one, you just know it. And in Graeme's own words, when it comes to licensing a song from real, working musicians, it's "just that damn good! I really don't associate it as "stock" music."

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Posted on September 18, 2015 and filed under Music.