Download These 11 Tracks For Your Travel Film

Photo by Yuko Hirao

Photo by Yuko Hirao

Guest DJ: Matt Johnson, Filmmaker

One of the daunting tasks in finding the perfect soundtrack to your film is working with a song that moves with the emotions of your story. We've made your search easier with our new Revelatory + Ascending mixtape. 

Sometimes songs that don't shift and move aren't the right fit with the edits of your film. We teamed up with filmmaker, Matt Johnson in curating eleven epic tracks that rise to euphoric heights. Enjoy and read our interview with Matt Johnson.

Matt Johnson's Top Picks


1. Anything by Josh Garrels.

Seriously, I was telling my wife last week that I could go through his entire discography and use one of his songs in each of my videos.

2. "The Ascent (Instrumental)" by Federale

OMGEEE this sounds like a spaghetti western! Who doesn't love that!?

3. "To See the Light" by Mree

Been meaning to use this one in a wedding film for a while.

4. "These Slopes" by Dolorean

Really nice for a slow motion montage.

5. "Rising Out Of The Sea (Instrumental)" by More Like Georgia

Loved using this in this wedding film:

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