5 Amazing Films From Our Filmmaking Community

Stories connect us. This is a fact. With that said, collaboration and advocacy is at the core of we do and helping people tell their stories is critical. We believe that sharing good work in the world makes what we do so special. So in effort to showcase unique voices and perspectives, here are five amazing films that were shared with us from our filmmaking community last week. Enjoy.

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1. Destination: Italy by Tea Collection

This feels exactly like what a day on the beach should feel like -- mellow but fun, with just a dash of curiosity and whimsy. Like how the video covers both nature and the hustle and bustle of the city as the narrator takes you in cathedrals, art museums and parks. Very warm tones to both the shots and music, makes it feel optimistic and also very family-friendly. Directed by Alison Clarke of Tea Collection. Soundtrack is "Find Our Own Way" by Cavaliers.

2. Pacific by Matt Johnson

An ode to the northwest from the very first shot. Love the aerial footage looking down from the tops of the trees. This video beautifully captures the varying shades of greens, blues, browns and grays that we know and love so well here in the PNW, while also adding a feeling of majesty and awe to everything. The music starts off slow, orchestral and soft, slowly building into a bigger, sweeping sound with hazy, slightly nostalgic vocals, bright plucks of mandolin and steady beat. Fits the meandering water, rolling clouds and forested mountains beautifully. He also leaves in the sound of birds, the waves and the rushing water of rivers and streams, which adds a neat element. Read our interview with Matt Johnson here.

3. "El Chino" Trailer by Max Esposito

Story follows Jon Wong as he tries to choose between taking over the family business -- running last locally owned grocery story in Boston’s China Town or making surfboards for his business, Chino Surfboards. The music here is a perfect fit -- surreal, hazy, ambient, somber notes play throughout, anchored with a slight intensity by the drums and handclaps. This allows Jon’s words take the spotlight. Which they should. The track is light and gentle enough to really bring the visuals and the main draw of the story out to the forefront. Read our interview with Max Esposito here.

4. Indego Commercial by Nic Justice

This commercial bottles all the possibilities you could ever want with a bike! Cool, sleek, energetic, positive. Love how these shots line up with the guitar riffs towards the end there. A lot of fast cuts and changing scenery. Another amazing piece from Director, Nic Justice.

5. Passage by Vignette Creative

A pretty cool way to strike off on your own when you don’t want to do what everyone else is doing anymore. Rather than making a 1,200 mile kayaking trip to Alaska seem like an intense, scary challenge, the folks at Vignette Creative opt for a more energetic, humorous and optimistic outlook. Track at the end combines hopeful statements about why the duo is taking the trip with a steady, bouncy beat and hopeful, atmospheric electric guitar riffs.  It’s a really nice fit to the footage here. Kind of intense, but mostly just inspiring in the way it rises.

Posted on August 11, 2015 and filed under Filmmaking.