7 Reasons Why Festivals Like Pickathon Are Important For Music

We're beyond excited to be sponsoring this year's Pickathon Music Festival for many reasons; mainly as a chance to get out of the city and become transplanted to a magical space of music, camping and connection. We're going to be there for the whole festival and will be hosting a live stream and posting interviews with performers while we're there. More details to come.

For those of you who haven't heard of Pickathon yet, let's get you acquainted...

What is Pickathon?

Pickathon is an annual outdoor music festival we hold very near and dear to us. Each year, the festival takes place in the beautiful setting of Pendarvis Farms and consistently hosts some of the most incredible and exciting lineups of up and coming acts alongside legendary performers.

Started by Zale Schoenborn, he hand selects and finely curates every band in the lineup, bringing in a balance of innovative and diverse music to make for an amazing experience. Need proof? Check out our Spotify playlist, featuring our favorite songs from each performer playing this year.

Music festivals like Pickathon are special and currently shifting the way we experience live music. Here are eight reasons why...

Photo by Jason Redmond

Photo by Jason Redmond

1. Sustainability

There's something amazing about a lot of people coming together to enjoy music and the outdoors, however this can also mean a lot of excessive waste. Pickathon has answered this issue by being the only outdoor music festival in the United States to minimize all single-use cups and dish ware, being a completely plastic-free experience. You can buy a really cool Klean Kanteen stainless steel cups there and water is free (as it should be).

Not only is there a strong emphasis on recycling, composting and renewable energy, the festival is completely solar-powered itself.

2. Focus On The Music

Pickathon puts music front and center at every turn, providing unique settings for people to take in the live music setting. Each artist performs two sets (not including secret performances), to make sure there's no stress in having to choose which band you want to see.

Each stage, whether it's made out of wood in the forest or in a literal barn by a pasture of grazing horses, each setting presents an opportunity to engage with the music in an intimate environment -- something that sticks with the audience when the show is over.

3. Everything Is Local

Each of the food and drink vendors at Pickathon are locally-sourced out of the Pacific Northwest. By keeping everything local, it supports the local economy and provides an opportunity for small businesses to engage with their community. Amazing food carts include the likes of Bunk Sandwiches, Portland Curry, Robo Taco and Fifty Licks Ice Cream to name a few.

4. Keeping Things Small

Part of what makes Pickathon so special is the intimate environment that it presents. The audience becomes a part of the performance adding into the unique experience. A festival goer can really connect with the music and not have to feel like cattle from one set to the next -- there's room to breathe. 

5. Camping

Festivals like Pickathon can be incredibly immersive experiences with the element of camping. Not only do you get to watch a performance in the middle of the woods, you only have to walk a couple paces to get to your campsite and continue being out in nature. Whether you are staying the whole weekend or just one night, you will get the chance to fall asleep and wake up to the beautiful sounds of music.

6. Artist Support

Artist advocacy is at the core of what we do and it's always important to know where your music is coming from and support the working musicians that create the music that we love so much. Festivals like Pickathon treats every band in the lineup with respect and support. This shows through in every performance they curate, providing a relaxing vibe that only creates a positive atmosphere for everyone.

7. "Good Music Wins"

Over the course of it's existence, Pickathon has become more known and has gained notoriety in the national landscape, and that's because they consistently remain focused on providing good music and supportive environment, creating a special experience for everyone involved. In the words of Pickathon Founder,  Zale Shoenborn, "good music wins" and we couldn't agree more.