Making A Montage: Why We Love This New Business Film About Poster Design

Photo by Waldemar Salesski

Photo by Waldemar Salesski

When it comes to creating your brand, start with what you don't want.

Berlin-based poster artists Stefan Guzy and Björn Wiede have three defining principles in their business: No ink with solvents, don't be afraid of complicated projects and no t-shirts please and thank you. These requests seem to be heard loudly and widely respected. Their studio Zwölf has been winning awards left and right including the European Design Award and voted among Germany’s 100 best posters.

Zwölf's business film made by our amigos at Kings&Kongs goes behind the scenes, giving a glimpse into their unusual methods and use of rare papers and materials in their silkscreening process. The electro-pop track "Broke" by Kye Kye provides an atmosphere of cool with a sense of ingenuity that is so complimentary to the montages within this film.

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Posted on June 16, 2015 and filed under Filmmaking.