Download Our "Cinematic Cityscapes" Mixtape

Guest DJ: Jevan Chowdhury, Filmmaker

Soundtracks for cityscapes

There's a special charm to a city. Maybe it's the dense sonic tapestry of sound from voices and surrounding noises; Or in the constant shift of flickering sights of lights and skylines. To filmmaker, Jevan Chowdhury, it's all about the movement of a city that hold a uniqueness. In his recent Moving London film, he uses music as a fluid dance partner along with the dancers on screen. We collaborated with Jevan in curating our new Cinematic Cityscapes mixtape -- Ten tracks that bottle the excitement of the urban landscape.

Jevan Chowdhury discusses his inspiration behind choosing each song and how they compel him as a filmmaker.

I’m frightened of over-thinking music. Such a valuable experience I’m always anxious of losing it.

Composers, I guess are some kind of gateway, smart enough to silent mankind and conscious enough to pick up what's left.

When I’m looking for music I’m looking for seizure. Individual instruments must pale into the background to leave a feeling, a journey or experience.


1. "Rise (Remix)" By Josh Garrels

If this was composed without a city themed influence then I’d be surprised. The changing of gears, perfectly timed acceleration against a steel sky. Garrels paints a city.


2. "Lights" by Michael Zoah

I don’t absorb lyrics it’s almost like I can’t hear them through the composition. And with Lights you don’t need to. Delivery is everything.


3. "Dreams 2am" by Kye Kye

I’ve wanted to work with Dreams for a while. I’m obsessed with openings. The first sequence is where it happens. Love at first sight. I’m blown away by her voice, the drums, the whole thing is mesmerising.


4. "Action (instrumental)" by The Plain Ensemble

Feel good track for any filmmaker. Just add sun, sea, sand.


5. "Chalet (instrumental)" by The Plain Ensemble

A track I’d like to explore more visually. Such a great movement piece for any filmmaker.


6. "Starving Artist" by Jeffrey Brodsky

When I first heard this I nearly fell off my chair. What a treat for any moving image working with music as a script. There a probably a million visual solutions to Starving Artist but for me it was a remix of my film Moving London. Beautiful experience to edit.


7. "Big Air (instrumental)" by Marmoset

Impact is everything. I love this track. I think I need to make a micro Moving Cities film for just this piece.


8. "Honest Affection (instrumental)" by Kye Kye

If I was allowed on a rocket bound for the moon I’d request this be played on launch.


9. "Magnifico (instrumental)" by Neuport

What upbeat truly means. An essential combination of surprise and pound that will add thousands to a film.


10. "Salsaness" by Radiation City

A picture of relaxation. If you’re in an office and can’t switch the world off, put this on.