Cover Of America: A Collaborative Project Of Music And The Spirit Of Adventure

There's nothing like a good mixtape when you're on the road — it's the perfect companion for the atmosphere of adventure. That's why we've created one for you.

We're excited to announce our collaboration with Portland Creative + Art Director, Bowen Ames (and his Australian Shepard, Camper) as they hit the road in search of the perfect road trip playlist in their Cover Of America Project. We'll also be joined by friends at Topo Designs, Red Clouds Collective and other great folks.

Over the next few weeks, Bowen is hitting the road and heading across the country packed with a mixtape of music we curated with him. Each song encapsulates a sense of adventure, wanderlust and exploration -- everything that a road trip brings. Over the course of his trip, he'll be meeting up with musicians, asking them to pick a song off the playlist and then cover it. The project features musicians from bands including: Alela Diane, The Head and the Heart, Paper Bird, Wesley Jensen, Alameda and more. Visit for live updates on video sessions and notes from the road.

This trip and project will be featured on multiple mediums (photography, film, sound) and will be presented on multiple channels. Be sure to follow his travels on his and our Instagram (@bowen_ames / for up to date reports from his travels and the interesting people he meets. As the trip evolves and ebbs and flows into the exciting unknown, his mantra stays the same...

Gear Up. Press Play. Drive.

What's your favorite road trip song? What would you like to add to the list?

Posted on July 1, 2015 and filed under Music.