Treefort Music Festival Panel: How To Pay The Bills With Your Band

This weekend at the highly anticipated Treefort Music Festival nestled in Boise, ID, Marmoset Artist Relations, Brandon Day and Lead Producer, Rob Dennler will be leading a discussion in their panel "How To Pay The Bills With Your Band." This panel will focus on how bands can hone in on new and creative avenues to develop a sustainable career in the modern music landscape. Find more information at Treefort Music Fest's site.

These days, making ends meet as a working band spans beyond just albums sales. Relying on one source for income can be stressful and finding new ways to find sustainable financial support can be extremely daunting.

On Saturday and Sunday from 1:30 - 2:30 at The Watercooler (14th and Idaho) Brandon and Rob will shed some light on how working artists can find new sources for income including brand partnerships, creative merchandise, music licensing and streaming.

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Brandon Day is a true music lover, constantly digging and finding new and innovative sounds. He listens to every piece of music that comes our way and has finely crafted an amazing group of independent artists on our roster. Day's wealth of experience, working with bands and businesses alike has given him great insight into the intricacies of the modern music industry.

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Rob Dennler comes with an impressive resume, recording and engineering with the likes of Built To SpillFun., and The Parson Red Heads. Now, as the Lead Producer at Marmoset, Rob brings a deep well of knowledge and experiences to the table, shedding light on the production aspects of music licensing, answering questions like "What ways can DIY recording artists improve their production?" "What tools should they use?" "What are smart investments for equipment and software?" and other tips, tricks, insider secrets.

Posted on March 24, 2015 and filed under Music.