Our Collaboration with Nike Japan Highlights The Power of Starting Again

Oftentimes, stories—especially ones about sports—focus on what went right and celebrates triumphs and achievements. Our collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy and Nike Japan showcases what wasn't accomplished and trying again. Through a mini-series of short films called Re:RUN, this documentary follows the stories of three women (Kana Murata, Nao Harada and Natsumi Kozato) running in the Women's Nagoya Marathon who were not able to complete it in the past and their process of overcoming their own regret and finding personal inspiration for their reattempt to finish the marathon this go round.

This beautiful series is impeccably scored by Marmoset Artist, Keen Collective.  The orchestral soundtrack is soft and subtle, balancing a feeling of intensity and hope throughout. Light touches of piano, rapid strings and xylophone remain present and elevates the sense of urgency and contemplation in this film as the music follows the runners on their journey.

One film shows Natsumi Kozato's story of how she hurt her knee during her first attempt at the marathon and dropped out. After feeling unfocused in light of the specialized jobs and passions that most of her other friends have. She wasn’t accepted to university and pursued a job that wasn’t necessarily what she wanted to do. In the film, she states “If marathoning were taken away from me, I’d have nothing left to do,” she says. “I gave up on many things in my 20’s. So by finishing this marathon, I’m guess I’m trying to say goodbye to my old self.” She calls this a new beginning.

Watch Natsumi's story and the others in this powerful series HERE.