Watch A Beautiful Portrait Of Cuba In "Embargo"

Home can look and mean different things. When it comes to Cuba, home is a beautiful place. Filmmakers, Preston Kanak and Brent Foster discover and document the essence of home and place in their recent film "Embargo."

Kanak and Foster explored Cuba to film its people, culture and landscape before the embargo was lifted by the US. The results is this incredible portrait of a unique country in a series of stunning visual images. Often, the shots are in slow motion and the soundtrack "Anchor" by Glass Wands weaves around the imagery in a reflective and calming state. 

When talking about their recent travels, Preston Kanak shared "What drives us to create and to tell stories is our desire to express ourselves in a visual medium. We make art that makes us happy and hopefully in turn motivates others to go out and explore. There is no better feeling than sharing a laugh or a story with a stranger and meeting new people on these journeys." We wholeheartedly agree.