The Annual Marmoset Tree Cutting Expedition of 2015

Another year has brought another round of amazing experiences. New faces to the Marmoset family, new opportunities to collaborate with amazing artists and filmmakers -- not to mention we've been honored to work on some truly wonderful creative endeavors. 

Inspired by the spirit of the season, we once again celebrated the year's end by getting out of the studio and into the woods.  With hot cider, hot cocoa and whiskey in hand -- along with a handsaw, of course -- we embarked on our annual tree cutting expedition, which is fast becoming a family tradition for us at Marmoset.

Tools of the trade.

Artist Relations Manager, Brandon Day and Director of Music Supervision, Eric Nordby march toward the fray in search of the perfect tree.

Music Licensing Coordinator, David Katz takes a turn at the behemoth.

Relationships and Creative Projects Manager, Jessica Cassady handles the beast with precision.

The crew looks on, as Marmoset Developer, Ryan Rebo finds liquid comfort in the woods.

Digital Team Lead, Shane Geiger chooses...

...alternative methods of taking the tree down.

Music Supervisor, Ron Lewis and Producer, Katy Davidson made an appearance as woodland spirits.

We persevered and returned with our prized accomplishment in tow. Co-Founder, Ryan Wines leading the way.

Co-Founder, Brian Hall recounts the saga that just unfolded.


The Marmoset Family [front row, from left to right]: Tim Shrout, Katie Seaton, Victoria Simarjian, Andrea Feehan, Brian Hall, Emilee Booher, Beth Martin, Brandon Day, Allison Soule, Ryan Wines, David Katz, Kaitie Todd, Quinn Kennelly, Jessica Cassady. [back row, from left to right]: Katy Davidson (mask), Kat Olsen, Steve Schroeder, Matthew Lemine, Bob Werner, Ron Lewis (mask) Ryan Rebo, Eric Nordby, Rob Dennler, Shane Geiger, Krissy Justice. [Katy Davidson, Ron Lewis, Stirling Myles not pictured]

An immense thanks goes out to Michael Cary Arellano for the photos and to Sauvie Island Farms for the abundance of trees. We're humbled to have another amazing year and it wouldn't be without all of the incredible people and visionaries we got a chance to collaborate with. Stay warm and safe out there.

Posted on December 4, 2015 and filed under Marmoset.