Owning Your Adventure: How to find the perfect soundtrack for your travels

Sharing is caring. Our recent collaboration can prove this.

Our talented friends at Camp 4 Collective hit the road in their new film for Turo, a community-based car rental company where travellers can rent the perfect vehicle for their adventure from local car owners.

Often known for their breathtaking outdoor films, Camp 4's Executive Producer, Stevie Meier took their same sense of adventure to a more urban landscape. One striking element to this film is how Meier used music to not only help embellish the VO's poignancy, but in how the ascending arc of the soundtrack climbed along with the sense of euphoria in the film -- much like the sense of adventure. Moving a contemplative pace, the ethereal track "Reach" by Kye Kye created a perfect harmony between music and message -- showing that behind every corner lays opportunities for new adventures. Enjoy the film.

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