Catch parts of the ocean you won't usually see in this new film

Intensity and beauty come together in The Wild Rabbitthe new ocean film by director, Morgan Halas. Dive in below.

This collaboration balances together the digital and organic into one cohesive homage to the mysterious landscape of the ocean and how we relate to it in so many different ways. We caught up with Morgan Halas about his process in finding the perfect soundtrack for this film. Morgan related that "Music is one of the biggest problems because its so hard to find a song that sounds good that is not MAINSTREAM." Yet he found the hypnotic track "Hiding Place" by Kye Kye and continued by saying that "the track really gets the viewers heart to beat fast, just like if you were actually in these situations. Seeing someone surfing a huge wave, catching good fish, and just the raw intensity of the Ocean." There's so much to see, you'll have to watch this one a few times.

Posted on December 21, 2015 and filed under Filmmaking.