Artist Interview: Radiation City

Radiation City [from left to right]: Dasha Shleyeva, Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Patti King, Randy Bemrose

Radiation City [from left to right]: Dasha Shleyeva, Cameron Spies, Elisabeth Ellison, Patti King, Randy Bemrose

Portland Indie-Pop at its finest.

Radiation City understands pop music, plain and simple. Within every song they capture a cool confidence that beams with every catchy hook and infectious melodies. Complete with lush textures from guitarist, Cameron Spies, drummer, Randy Bemrose, and multi-instrumentalist, Patti King, it offers a perfect canvas for the unique, clever lyrics from singer Elisabeth Ellison. Their track “Lark” was featured in the recently acclaimed short film One Night In Aberdeen by director, Brett Ferster. We chatted with Cameron about the varied life of a full-time working musician.

M: When did you start writing music?

RC: We all started at different time,s but I think I speak for all of us when I say it was eons ago; probably in the middle school/high school range. I began writing (terrible sappy) songs in 8th grade, I think.

M: What does a day in the life of a working band look like for you?

RC: It varies wildly, but generally we are either working on other projects (Randy and I engineer and produce records for bands, and Patti and Lizzy sing and play on other people's stuff). We also pick up assorted odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. Other than that, we try to stay polished as a band, rehearsing a couple times a week, do day-to-day management and accounting for the band, or twiddle our thumbs.

M: What role do you feel music has in film?

RC: Music is critical to a film hitting its mark emotionally. There's no question.

M: How do you feel your song complemented One Night In Aberdeen?

RC: I think the filmmaker did a good job with the placement of our song. It's a subtle use, but the scene has a sort of odd tenderness that works with the emotional content of the tune.

M: What are you excited about for the future?

RC: I'm excited to keep making records. We are fortunate to have a lot of song-writing talent in the band, and it's always a pleasure to hear what people come up with.  It's a blast shaping the tunes together and challenging each other to do things we wouldn't normally do on our own.

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Posted on December 18, 2015 and filed under Music.