Classrooms Without Walls: Google's New Expeditions App Helps Students Explore The World


We paired up with Google to present a new educational tool that helps students travel to places where school buses can’t through their new Exploration app.

With this technological development, any given classroom can now scour Mt. Fuji or marvel at the Great Wall of China through cardboard viewers with screens that can show the far reaches of the world from where each student sits. Through a series of photos stitched together from Google Street View and images from a 16 camera set up from GoPro, students can get 360 degree views with 3D images in their virtual-reality excursions. Now, 45 million students and teachers around the world use Google’s educational apps and we were more than thrilled to collaborate and participate in such an amazing technological advancement.

Working with Producer, Sara Leimbach from B-Reel, our Producer and Audio Engineer, Tim Shrout led the project on our end. We used the Keen Collective track “Bright Futures” that perfectly captured the inspiring, thoughtful and with highlights of playfulness and curiosity.