Download Our "Music For Indie Films" Mixtape

Photo by Dominique Felicity Chapman

Photo by Dominique Felicity Chapman

Guest DJ: Camille de Galbert, Filmmaker

Whether it's a commission or a passion project, your quality film deserves a quality soundtrack. High caliber music can be the main difference between a good film and compelling one. That's why we've curated 10 cinematic and moving tracks that are perfect for longer form projects in our Music For Indie Films.

In our interview with filmmaker, Camille de Galbert about her new film, SIMON, we discussed the fact that a soundtrack can be just as much of a character as any actor. Music can help shift, embellish and create more depth to a scene. When it comes to short and feature length films, finding a soundtrack to weave into its tapestry is imperative.

Let us know what you think. What songs tracks did you connect with? Reach out to for any help with finding the right soundtrack to your story.