Introducing: Magic Sword

Photo courtesy of Tony Andrews

Photo courtesy of Tony Andrews

Newcomers as a group and to the Marmoset family, Electro-pop duo Magic Sword are not just a band, but an immersive experience. Started at a 10-day retreat after a vow of silence, both members adorned their cloaks and have remained anonymous ever since. 

Hailing from Boise, ID, this group has been known to roll up in a flat-bed truck to random locations and perform their unique brand of epic electronic to a surprised audience. Everything is built up to gigantic proportions, from their light show to their enormous sound.

They just released their new debut album Volume One and will be performing in Portland at Doug Fir tomorrow night (1/16). Come one, come all and experience the majesty that is Magic Sword.  

Check out tracks like "Discover" at their Marmoset Artist Profile.