The Importance Of Having A Daily Creative Process

Photo courtesy of Nicole McConville

Photo courtesy of Nicole McConville

Field Notes Interview #21: Marley Carroll // Musician

Marley Carroll is a disciplined musician - you can hear it in his music. Carroll's exciting electro-pop is dense and playful at the same time, shining a light of hope and inspiration.

Marley modernizes his classically-trained background into the electronic world, bridging together hypnotic and engaging compositions. Equal parts atmospheric and confident, Carroll's music is all about exploring new territory with playful experimentation.

Marley Carroll's track "Lossless" was licensed in a recent film "Modernity With A Mission" by our featured filmmaker, Nathan Sage. We chatted with Carroll about his artistic process and how he finds value in finding time every day to write and experiment.

M: When did you start writing music?

MC: Around the age of fifteen I started experimenting by making rudimentary sound collages on my parents' PC. I continued in that mode for a while, constructing instrumental beat pastiches with turntables and sampled software instruments. I started writing my first proper songs with lyrics in my first year at university and my current sound is sort of a hybrid of both approaches: the experimentalist and the traditionalist.

M: What does a day in the life of a working musician look like for you?

MC: Speaking for myself, it's a mix of struggles and ecstasies. Some days I'll work all day and come up with nothing, and other days something so simple blows the world apart and there's a clear way forward. Being alone a lot helps.

M: What role do you feel music has in film?

MC: To me, they're inseparable. The right music can completely upend the context of an image, for better or for worse. Music for picture is extremely powerful and should be treated with care.

M: How do you feel your song complimented the "Modernity With A Mission?"

MC: It's a beautifully-shot profile and I think the song helps it come to life. "Lossless" was written for my friend Miranda Rae and the album version features her lead vocals. It means a lot when somebody connects with a song so deeply that they want to adopt it as a reflection of their own work.

M: What are you excited about for the future?

MC: I'm learning to enjoy the daily creative process and not worry so much about end results. I'm about a year out from my last album release (Sings) so this is the season for making new stuff - my favorite part. I'm happiest when I can write, experiment, and play freely and I hope the future has more of those days in store.