10 Questions With Photographer + Marmoset Explorer, Luke Gram

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We believe that travel feeds the soul and ultimately creates amazing art. We're honored to be partnering with travel photographer, filmmaker and good friend Luke Gram on his expedition to Nepal which encompasses the entire creative process.

For the next few weeks, Luke will be documenting his experience abroad through photography and film. We'll be sharing his travels on our instagram (@marmosetmusic) and unveiling interviews and updates along the way.

We caught up with Luke Gram while he was in Kathmandu, and chatted about his love affair for mountains, music and mystery that only exploration can bring.

M: Who are you? Where are you from?

LG: I’m a relatively simple guy. I fell in love with the mountains and have devoted my life to chasing them. I was born in Ontario, Canada, far from the west coast and the mountains they hold.

M: Why photography?

LG: I have a terrible memory to be honest. I started bringing my camera with me so I could remember the beautiful places I went with all the wonderful people I’ve met.

M: When did you start taking pictures?

LG: I started taking photos seriously when I was 18 and moved out from my home to the west coast. Like I said, I had a lot of great opportunities to explore nature and I knew it was the kind of memories I never wanted to forget.

M: What makes a good photograph?

LG: A good photo to many is color, composition and lighting. Simply put, a good photo to me is one which has emotion. Whether it conveys it, evokes it, or reminds you of it. Emotion is key to everything

M: How do you feel travel makes good art?

LG: Travel makes good art because without it, life would blend into a monotonous routine of the norm. You need to experience new places. New people. New cultures, new ways of life, new scenes, and new memories. Without it, what else is there to life?

M: Why Nepal?

LG: Nepal has always been to me the holy grail of mountains. I love them, I live for them, and to me I can not call myself a true lover of the mountains until I’ve been to the highest of them, and the place where it is so engrained in the culture.

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M: Where are you now?

LG: I’m sitting in Pokhara by the lakeside, looking at the Himalayas.

M: What's your favorite album right now?

LG: My favorite album would be Milky Chance’s “sadneccesary”.

M: How does music play a role in what you do?

LG: Music is a huge inspiration to me. It’s essentially a mental fuel which keeps emotions high, thoughts focused, and hopes high. It stimulates a creative factor in all people I believe. It’s so universally engrained in us to keep us mentally stimulated and energetic.

M: What's coming up next on your trip?

LG: Well, I’m looking at the Himalayas and planning our route into them, so that’s what lays in store.